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                Tel:021-57276611  57275500  57272727
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                     With sales and service professional production technology, sincere, to win the market. We can not only make a safe, reliable, convenient equipment, but also hope
                The services provided by us can help the social stability and production efficiency.
                "Credit first, service is the first -. Always is the principle that we adhere to, for a long time we have formed a complete after-sales service system, in the world
                Around the establishment of a sound service network to help users choose products, guide the installation, commissioning, and provide the use, maintenance and other aspects
                Training, quality tracking and access to the main users: if the problem occurs, received a user notification within 4 hours to give a reply.
                To solve the problem within 48 hours of treatment. Ensure service quality and customer satisfaction.

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                Tel:021-57276611 57275500 57272727

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