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                Tel:021-57276611  57275500  57272727
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                As good as waterYour current position: Home > About

                Many years ago, young people for their own big dreams together, set up a small factory, which is reborn. From the beginning of the production of the first water pump, has gradually grown into a lot of business in the world of professional manufacturers.
                Has a dream, and dreams to do what others can not do things, no matter how are going to finish strong ideas, relying on the courage to overcome difficulties will continue efforts. This is the spirit of Ruibang is motive force of our growth.
                Now, we focus to become a sustainable development in a hundred years, all the employees are inherited Ruibang gene, moving toward a new stage!

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                Shanghai Raybon Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.

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                Tel:021-57276611 57275500 57272727

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